About D.Y. Patil Group

About Padmashree Dr.D.Y.Patil:

(Founder President of D.Y.Patil group,

Founder chancellor of Padmashree Dr. D.Y.Patil University

His excellancy Dr.D.Y.Patil, Governor of Tripura)

Padmashree Dr. D.Y.Patil, a well known educationist and philanthropist from Kolhapur in the State of Maharshtra, is the founder President of the D.Y.Patil Group. He is associated with large number of Educational, Social and Cultural activities. He has devoted himself to the cause of education. Eminent citizens representing various educational, social, and industrial interests are members of the Board of Trustees of the D.Y.Patil Education of Trusts.

D.Y.Patil has concentrated his energies of the course of development of various educational schemes, policies and matters that will make India supporting and leading nation. He would like ictise rather than preach.

He is devoted follower of Shri Sant. Gajanan Maharaj or Shegaon (Dist. Buldhana, Maharshtra). While talking about his assignments, accomplishments, and success, he attributes everything to Shri. Sant Gajanan Maharaj. In his own words. “Who am I to do these things? It is desire of God and Parampoojya Shri Gajanan Maharaj to get these things done through me. I am only an instrument. My only Prayer to God is to give me energy and strength to accomplish the task.”

About D.Y. Patil Group:

Dr. D.Y.Patil Group offers a liberal and scientific education of the highest Quality to its students. It offers modern approach to learning that marches the needs of our rapidly changing world.

DYPG programmes are designed to foster the qualities of imagination and independence of mind on which professional and personal development ultimately depend. As a DYPG student you will develop the ability to think independently and critically, to assimilate new information and to apply your knowledge to practical problems and new situations.

At DYPG, learning is discovery, focusing on the acquisition of knowledge. It is interested in uncovering the new path, thus ensuring the learning of many new opportunities that are available. A willingness to experiment is at the heart of the discovery process.

The second essential element of learning is the willingness to apply the new knowledge. The emphasis is to recognize and adapt to changes and most important to pick up new insights to competitive advantages.

DYPG has chosen to concentrate on imparting education and training in the fields of Computer & Electronic Technology, Medicine, Dental, Architecture, Catering and Hotel Management. DYPG belives in imparting education which has practical relevance, including fostering the student’s analytical and creative skills.

The faculty includes scholars of national repute. There is perhaps no other institution in the country where such a distinguished faculty gives so much of its time and energy to the students. The classroom experience is frequently characterized by discussions between the professors and students. This allows the student to have an active, rather than a passive approach.

All students must be prepared to participate in class discussions at all times. Although initially a student may find this closeness a troubling cultural departure, the faculty members are sensitive to the fact that cultural and linguistic factors can show a student’s adjustment to this distinctive educational method. In time, however, most students find this give & take, stimulating and important part of the learning process.

An attractive feature of higher education at D.Y.Patil Group is the support and counsel that students receive. Faculty members often serve in the role of monitor or adviser, in addition to fulfilling their teaching duties.

Few educational systems place the same emphasis on this blend of academic and personal education. At DYPG, there are numerous opportunities available to students to become involved in sport, student government, music, dramatics and countless other organized and individual activities designed to enhance one’s personal growth and provide satisfaction and enjoyment outside the classroom.

The mood on the campus is generally relaxed, eager eyed students concentrate on career and training. The colleges emphasis on excellence. The aim is to educate the whole person.

DYPG has over 25,000 students in its institution in Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur. They are the primary concern of the board of governors and trustees of Padmashree Dr.D.Y.Patil Group.

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